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Graceland Show

Oh man... I've seen the pale a lot but this was definitely my favorite show. They were amazing. They always put on such an awesome show. Afterwards we went and talked to them and stuff.. theyre really nice guys too. As promised...
Sorry there's like a bazillion of em. but here ya go:

And after the show:

or my favorite.....

hahaha hope you like em!

To see my pics of dolour from the same show go here:   If you're a dolour fan too you should join. see ya!



  • (no subject)

    I heart the pale pacific. Rules are predictable owns. Enough said.

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  • I saw The Pale's last show....

    Yeah, The Pale's last show because they are now officially The Pale Pacific. Sweet show.. lots of people were there... good times. PICTURES!!…

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