WWU show

So I saw The Pale for the first time on Saturday at Western. They played with Blue Sky Mile, Autumn Poetry, and Typical Ace. It was an absolutely amazing show and Pale cds are all over my xmas list. The Pale really played an awesome set and I especially loved their cover of some song by The Police.

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hey everyone. Im new to the community and i just wanted to introduce myself. My names kyle and...i love the pale! I can't stop listening to their album, its addicting. Alright well thats about it. feel free to add me, ill definitely add you back.
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Graceland Show

Oh man... I've seen the pale a lot but this was definitely my favorite show. They were amazing. They always put on such an awesome show. Afterwards we went and talked to them and stuff.. theyre really nice guys too. As promised... PicturesCollapse )

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